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Creating Environmental and Humane Activists of the Future

St. Martin's teaches children in inner city schools about health, proper pet care and pollution.
We are looking forward to having a new learning center for our students this year.
Thanks for donating towards our goal. Every bit helps!


St. Martin's art and music classes inspire students to have compassion for nature.
Teachers enlighten the children about the plight of the animals or habitat that the children are
drawing, painting or sculpting. The songs they play have meaningful lyrics so that children never
forget what they have been taught. Creating young activists of the future. Plus it's a lot of fun!

art and kids

What a fun way for a kids to eat their vegan lunch, in an eco-friendly tree house!
At the St. Martin's Eco Sanctuary & Learning Center our team will educate thousands of
children how to grow organic gardens and use recycled products to build tree houses.

treehouse for kids