Animals on the 4th of July

Excessive noise, lights, and sparks cause animals to bolt, scale fences, and rush headlong into the night, unable to find their way home. This leaves them vulnerable to injury in traffic or at the mercy of being picked up by cruel individuals who use fireworks to torture them. Additionally, these animals could be found by animal control who then take them to shelters where they are left terrified and disoriented. Shelter overcrowding can even result in euthanasia - all this before their owners can find them and bring them home safely. The issue then is twofold: the current state of the homeless and animals on the 4th of July. Our LA-based organization, St. Martin's Animal Foundation, seeks to address both parts.

With our Homeless for the Voiceless outreach, homeless individuals will become activists, thereby having an opportunity to make a big difference in the community and inspire others to do the same. This outreach will feed two birds with one seed, as it will benefit the homeless population and raise awareness for the 4th of July animal situation. In addition, this program will teach the homeless how to be responsible pet owners; they themselves often care for an animal companion. We are hoping that Homeless for Voiceless will gain support from LA council members and animal shelters, for this outreach will help disadvantaged animals and foster a new attitude toward the LA homeless population.