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Give These Dogs the Life They Deserve

Rescued Pit Bulls Saved From Brutal Dog Fighting

Dear Friends Of St. Martin’s Animal Foundation, we have an update on our rescue efforts.

Last Sunday we went to Utah to visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to get ideas for our charity, as well as to drive homeless pit bulls to our friend's 18 acre dog and horse ranch to retire. This ranch is going to become an extension of St. Martin's Animal Foundation based in Los Angeles.

We have 9 pit bulls that were taken away from their owners because they were being abused and used as fighting dogs. They are currently in Los Angeles in foster care and boarding but we now have the permanent solution we were looking for. We need to make two more trip to Cedar Utah to get them all there. I'm asking all of our friends to share this with dog loving friends. We need dog beds that are raised off the ground. Most importantly, we need donations for fencing, stake poles, hinges and chain-link doors.

We are building a safety perimeter around the large dog runs, to insure that the pit bulls cannot escape. In Utah due to the prevalence of livestock, it is very dangerous for dogs to get out. It is legal to shoot them on sight.

We are raising $4,300 for this part of the project to cover fencing and transportation costs. Many of our supporters and volunteers know how long these poor dogs have been in limbo and how long they have needed tender loving care. We want to keep them safe so they can live out the rest of their lives in peace and harmony.

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