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Who We Are


Organization Mission

Since the summer of 1999 the St Martin's Foundation has been educating thousands of students about ways to be self-sustainable and how to stop pollution. We do this with our "Green Team" who are young actor/activist that educate kids about being kind to the environment. We also house homeless vegetarian dogs and teach organic gardening at our sanctuary. Our mission is to change children's behavior and outlook towards their environment and the animals they share it with by inspiring them towards positive action and prevention of abusive behavior. We seek to play an instrumental role in the positive upbringing of the next generation, so that they too one day will work to inspire others.

Program Description

The St. Martin's Green Team is an effective Eco Educational Program that motives students of all ages to be eco-conscious and responsible adults. These professional young actor/activists educate 600- 1200 students per school assemblies held weekly. The Green Team teaches students how to recycle, save energy, the importance of spaying and neutering, growing gardens and respecting nature. With videos, entertaining performances and special guests the Green Team motivates students to be wise toward their future choices.

We will make a better group of citizens and future consumers with a conscious of what they're purchasing to ease the impact on the environment. Our education program that emphasizes positive values towards ecology and living things goes beyond teaching mere facts and figures, we fundamentally reach the hearts and minds of these young budding citizens by inspiring them HOW to look at the world by cultivating a sense of sympathy and community. Although the children will, in the short term, be reminded towards specific things like recycling, eating organic, not littering, having compassion for their pet, etc., the primary mission comes down to the long term, un-quantifiable dividends of fundamentally changing a person's character. Just one child who might have grown up unsympathetic to the condition of our delicate planet, who because of us has an epiphany to its importance, will create ripples, as throughout their lives they will inspire others, while their consumer choices over time will provide a net decrease in suffering and pollution in their lifetimes. By having this affect on many thousands of students, the outcome is magnified, as an entire generation will be inspired.

From this program, we hope to create future leaders, educators and activists who will then go on to inspire others, so that the inheritors of this planet will do so with a responsible conscious and mindset.

Program Relevancy

This will address the incredible amount of pollution in our environment such as plastic fishing lines and other toxic trash that ruins our waterways and oceans. A lot of this is due to our youth not respecting their environment. Our ongoing programs help educate students about the dangers of using harsh chemicals, polluting, and over breeding animals. The Green Team shows them fun and interesting ways to be a kinder human beings. Health is also important, so we promote growing organic gardens to learn how to eat healthier.

By addressing the root cause of environmental degradation- the mindset and value system of individuals, we are cultivating future leaders by inspiring children as a positive educational influence on how they see our planet and their place in it.