Who We Are

Organization Mission

Organization Mission

Since the summer of 1999, the St Martin's Foundation has been rescuing animals and educating students about sustainability and compassion. Our "Green Team" are young activists who travel to local schools to educate kids about being kind to animals and the environment.

St. Martin's also provides a home for homeless and abused animals. Our mission is to inspire children through creative courses in sustainability, animal care, and kindness. We seek to play an instrumental role in the positive upbringing of the next generation, so that they, too, will one day work to inspire others.

Program Description

Our current program efforts include animal rescue and educational outreach through the St. Martin's Green Team.

Our Green Team of professional young actor/activists educates 200- 800 students per school assembly per month. The Green Team teaches students how to recycle, save energy, the importance of spaying and neutering, growing gardens, and respecting nature. We use videos, entertaining performances, and special guests to motivate students to be wise toward their future choices.

We believe the Green Team will make a better group of citizens and future consumers with a conscience for what they're purchasing. Our education program emphasizes positive values towards ecology and living things. It goes beyond teaching mere facts and figures by fundamentally reaching the hearts and minds of these young budding citizens by inspiring them to look at the world by cultivating a sense of sympathy and community. Although the children will, in the short term, be reminded towards specific things like recycling, eating organic, not littering, having compassion for their pet, etc., the primary mission comes down to the long-term, un-quantifiable dividends of fundamentally changing a person's character. Just one child who might have grown up unsympathetic to the conditions of our planet will create ripples, and their consumer choices over time will provide a net decrease in suffering and pollution in their lifetimes.

Program Relevancy

By addressing the root cause of environmental degradation - the mindset and value system of individuals - we are cultivating future leaders by inspiring children to consider how they see our planet and their place in it.