Homeless for the Voiceless

Animals on the 4th of July

Every year between July 2nd and July 6th, there is a 30% increase in dog and cat deaths due to loud firework displays. Many pets run from their homes to escape the noises, and local animal shelters have to quickly euthanize dogs and cats to create room for the sudden intakes. Meanwhile, Los Angeles has over 50,000 homeless residents roaming the community, feeling lost and hopeless.
On July 1st, 2018, SMAF was able to help and inspire 450 homeless individuals to remind the community to keep their pets safe inside during the holiday festivities. 54 of those homeless people we served had pets - cats, dogs, and puppies - that we were able to provide with food and resources. Since the event, 25 homeless citizens have contacted SMAF for help with operations and vaccines for their animals.
The SMAF hotline for reporting animal abuse and rescue needs has been a great success. 35 calls came in over the 4th of July weekend. SMAF board members and volunteers responded to these calls and ended up rescuing dozens of abandoned kittens, a duck, and her ducklings in danger, a box turtle in distress, a lost senior dog, and an injured bird. SMAF is certain that
with continued attention to the outreach billboards and websites, that the hotline will have an even greater impact in the future.
This outreach event had a lasting effect on the homeless community and created a lasting reminder to pet owners to keep their animals inside for the 4th of July. We are extremely grateful to you for helping us achieve that.