Sanctuary & Learning Centers

Saint Martin’s has been active in California since 1999. Our work in Southern California has covered outreach, children’s education, animal rescue, and homeless support, to name a few. Our foundation has rescued thousands of animals and placed them into loving homes. We have reached out to low-income communities to educate people about proper animal care, compassion, and provide them with services like abuse hotlines and low-cost vet care. Saint Martin’s also provides life-saving donations to homeless Angelinos twice a year through our “Homeless For the Voiceless” event.

Each year, Saint Martin’s receives hundreds of phone calls from local citizens in need of help or advice for stray animals. In the spring, these calls triple in volume as many people become aware of cats and kittens dying in their neighborhood. We have personally rescued dozens of cats and kittens, provided them with life-saving vet care, spayed or neutered them, and gotten them adopted by loving families. We never miss a phone call, and we never leave a citizen without help when they reach out to us.

The Saint Martin’s Green Team has been educating the youth of Los Angeles since 2005. Our youth ambassadors travel to schools in Los Angeles County and teach their peers about kindness, animal care, healthy eating, and anti-bullying techniques. We have recently formed a new Green Team of young activists who are excited to share their passion for animals and the environment with other students throughout the city.

Saint Martin’s implements a “Homeless For The Voiceless” outreach event twice a year. Starting in July of 2017, Saint Martin’s gathered donations to distribute to homeless Angelinos, including free t-shirts that advertised safe animal care during the 4th of July (a time when 30% more pets escape and end up being killed at shelters). Our homeless participants helped spread awareness about keeping pets indoors, while also benefiting from our free gift bags containing food, water, toiletries, and phone numbers to a local organization that could help them and their pets.

The many projects that we run in Southern California are time consuming and expensive. If you would like to support our continued efforts to rescue at risk animals, educate young people about health and compassion, or donate for our Homeless Outreach Events, please donate here.