Sanctuary & Learning Centers

Although we are called St. Martin’s Animal Foundation, our outreach goals are very well rounded. We believe that human rights, animal rights, and environmental rights are all linked together, and therefore our outreach programs and rescue efforts should help all three important goals.

This year, the Saint Martin’s Foundation will be opening an eco-friendly education and outreach center for the community in Henderson, NV. This unique facility will serve two purposes: First, to teach families and children about health and food cultivation, proper animal treatment and care, and provide opportunities for positive community engagement. Second, to provide resources for teenagers and young adults who are in need of compassion and creativity in their lives.

We would like to provide the youth of Henderson with a free, safe, and encouraging environment. We believe this could help prevent violence against animals, drug use, and interactions with gangs, especially for low-income communities where children are often left unsupervised after school.

If you would like to assist us in establishing roots for humane education and animal protection in Nevada, please donate now.