St. Martin’s Animal Foundation

Welcome to St. Martin’s Animal Foundation!

A vegan 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity

St. Martin's Animal Foundation has been a 501 c3 nonprofit charity since October of 1999. Our foundation has three main goals: to generate responsible leaders of tomorrow, to end cruelty towards animals, and to heal our environment.

The Bureau of Land Management continues to rampage through wild horse herds in Utah, Nevada, and elsewhere. Their devastating plan is to reduce mustang populations throughout the West by rounding them up and removing them from their habitats. Using the drought as an acceptable reason for doing these horrible acts, a multitude of wild horses and burros have lost their freedom and are poorly treated in captivity. Learn more here about what's happening and what you can do to help!

The Healing Center and Animal Sanctuary is an innovative way to give a positive influence in the lives of our youth and create brilliant environmental leaders for tomorrow. The Sanctuary houses animals that help us teach children and teens about proper pet care, compassion, and kindness.

At the learning center, we provide our youth with exciting programs like animal welfare education, vegan cooking classes, and environmental safety. Our team educates the students through music, art, documentaries, and special guest speakers. Learn more!

Puppies without Borders is a noble outreach program to end the suffering of puppies in poverty-stricken communities. The project was spearheaded by a previous Board Member, Evie Bañuelos, in late 2018. On a trip to Mexico with family, Evie witnessed homeless puppies being attacked by other stray dogs, starving, dying of illness, and being hit by cars. It was overwhelming and heartbreaking.

Since then, SMAF has continued to make trips to Mexico to save more puppies and has even been able to find new homes for them! It's all made possible by the generous hearts of our wonderful supporters. We hope to make trips as frequently as possible with your continued kindness. Learn more!

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders through an Eco-Friendly Healing and Learning Center

Welcome to our visionary initiative – an Eco-Friendly Healing and Learning Center that nurtures our youth and rehabilitates severely abused animals. Our mission is simple yet profound: to inspire a generation of compassionate leaders who embrace respect for the environment, animals, and their peers. At the heart of our center is a Humane Learning program, led by dedicated professionals, where children discover the power of empathy, kindness, and responsible living. They'll learn not only to respect and care for animals but also to appreciate the Earth's beauty through plant-based cooking and organic gardening classes. This transformative experience shapes our young participants into compassionate stewards of the world, ensuring a brighter and more harmonious future for all. Join us in building a community of empathetic leaders who will shape tomorrow with love, understanding, and a deep sense of responsibility.