St. Martin’s Animal Foundation

Welcome to St. Martin’s Animal Foundation!

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A huge thank you to Joy Full for providing our event with decadent vegan desserts on September 28th, 2019.

Creating Environmental and Humane Activists of the Future

The Humane Learning Center and Animal Sanctuary is an innovative way to educate our youth to become future environmental and animal activists of tomorrow.

At the learning center, we provide our youth with exciting programs like animal welfare education, vegan cooking classes, and environmental safety. Our team educates the students through music, art, documentaries and special guest speakers.

The Sanctuary houses animals which help us teach children and teens about proper pet care, compassion and kindness.

SMAF has been a 501 c3 non profit charity since October 1999. Our foundation has three main goals: to generate responsible leaders of tomorrow, to end cruelty towards animals and to heal our environment.

Our Mission

Our mission for 2019 is to create an eco-friendly humane learning center for our youth and to rehabilitate severely abused dogs from Mexico. The humane learning center will teach children to respect the environment and to be kind to animals and their peers through inspiring lessons taught by professional teachers. The humane learning center will also teach plant-based cooking and organic gardening classes to generate bright and compassionate leaders of tomorrow. To end the blood sport of dogfighting and backyard breeders by enforcing stricter penalties in jail sentences.