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Welcome to St. Martin’s Animal Foundation!

SMAF has been a 501 c3 non profit charity since October 1999. Our foundation has three main goals: to generate responsible leaders of tomorrow, to end cruelty towards animals and to heal our environment.

Our Mission...

Our mission in 2019 is to create a much needed humane and environmental youth learning center in Henderson, Nevada.

Our other mission is to open a self-sustainable, solar powered haven for neglected farm animals and senior dogs in Southern Utah.

Both learning centers will expand the minds of our youth in a positive way and give them a sense of the importance of empathy toward others and their planet.


Creating Environmental and Humane Activists of the Future

The St. Martin's Sanctuary is the wave of the future, helping create new environmental activists who will someday be the leaders of our world. Please join our team of compassionate earthlings as we create a kinder and a safer planet for your children's children.




Sky Valencia AKA Pit Bull Princess, has been passionate about pit bull's for over 18 years. Her focus is to stop the over breeding of these misunderstood dogs and to make sure these dogs get adopted into responsible homes. If you would like to adopt or donate your car, land and property to help save lives call 747-230-2169.


We rely on private and public funding

End Illegal Dogfighting!

Saint Martin's Animal Foundation is working to stop illegal dog fighting. We are raising donations for anti-dogfighting billboards with a hotline to bust the dog abusers. We want to make sure that those who are involved in fighting innocent dogs go to jail.


Brandon Liberati