St. Martin’s Animal Foundation

Welcome to St. Martin’s Foundation!

Creating Environmental and Humane Activists of the Future

The Healing Center and Animal Sanctuary is an innovative way to give positive influence in the lives of our youth and encourage them to become future environmental and animal activists of tomorrow.

At the learning center, we provide our youth with exciting programs like animal welfare education, vegan cooking classes, and environmental safety. Our team educates the students through music, art, documentaries, and special guest speakers.

The Sanctuary houses animals that help us teach children and teens about proper pet care, compassion, and kindness.

Homeless For The Voiceless

Outreach for homeless and at-risk animals


We kicked off 2020 with a big, loving outreach event called Homeless for the Voiceless. A successful outreach that we had done prior on the 4th of July holiday in 2019. The mission is to help some of the over 50,000 homeless people in LA with their pets while promoting a healthier lifestyle for the planet.️ We hope to put together another such outreach event in the near future!

If you would like to donate your time for our next event, please contact us for more details at or call Sky @ 747 230 2169

Anti-Dogfighting Outreach

Dogfighting is a horrible practice that St. Martin's has been trying to help put an end to for several years. We want to bring awareness and information on how to report animal abuse and dogfighting through media/visual outlets targeting particular areas and demographics that have high activity levels in dogfighting.

Most people are unaware of just how prevalent this terrible "sport" still is in many areas, especially underprivileged ones. We need to get the word out and provide education to the community on how to pick up on the signs of dogfighting and animal abuse so that they can get involved by reporting it and helping to stop the madness.

St. Martin's has been a 501 c3 nonprofit charity since October of 1999. Our foundation has three main goals: to generate responsible leaders of tomorrow, to end cruelty towards animals, and to heal our environment.

Our Mission

Our mission for 2020 is to create an eco-friendly healing and learning center for our youth and to rehabilitate severely abused animals. The humane learning center will teach children to respect the environment and to be kind to animals and their peers through inspiring lessons taught by professional teachers. The humane learning center will also teach plant-based cooking and organic gardening classes to generate bright and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.