How To Help

There are many ways to help support St. Martin’s Animal Foundation and its mission. We are dedicated to serving and protecting animals, and any support you can provide is very much appreciated. Please note that all donations are tax deductible. Thank you for taking an interest in our organization.



We work hard to find forever homes for animals in need. Until we are able to find homes, we rely on the dedication and hard work of foster homes. This rewarding work allows you the opportunity to see first hand the difference you are making. If you choose to foster an animal in need, all supplies will be provided to you by the foundation. You are only required to care for, love, and socialize your foster animal. For more information and to read the foster agreement form please contact



Supplies - we are always in need of supplies for our animals. If you are able to donate any dog food, kennels, toys, leashes, beds, blankets, medicine, etc., please contact Items can be used as long as they’re still in good condition. Food and medicine must be new.



We are always in need of funding to further our mission and save more lives. The cost of vet bills and supplies add up quickly. Our foundation relies on the hard work and dedication of volunteers. Your donation will help pay for animals in need and ensuring they are healthy and have a safe place to call home. You can donate HERE, or if you would like to make a substantial donation, please contact Sky Valencia at


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We are always looking for help. If none of the opportunities above interest you, there are other ways to help. We are open to ideas and always need support in areas like grant writing, media relations, and event planning. Please contact us with any suggestions or ideas!


Thanks again for supporting the St. Martin’s Animal Foundation.