Wild Horses


What’s Happening to Wild Horses?

America’s last remaining wild horses and burros are currently being rounded up in a way that is unjustly stampeding them. These round-ups make it difficult to see what the animals go through as they have no GoPros mounted on helicopters capturing their distress. They cause harm to the horses and burros physically as well as psychologically, which often leaves scars of both kinds on them that last a lifetime.

The reasoning behind this is a claim of overpopulation when in truth, they are usually underpopulated. Furthermore, they tout points to illustrate the negative impact they have while completely ignoring the positive impact which greatly outweighs the negative.

Learn more in this article by Craig C. Downer where he gives a detailed account of what’s going on.


“Currently, more than 52,000 wild horses and burros are in government facilities, and in May 2021, The “New York Times” exposed that for decades, our wild horses and burros are being transported to slaughter in Canada and Mexico.”



What Can Be Done to Help?

The easiest way to help is to be a voice for these poor animals. Contact representatives, senators, governors, etc who can hear your protests and act on them.

Share this information with others so that they can be a part of this too. We need to spread the word and have as much support as we can get for our wild horses and burros.

DONATE NOW to help our campaign thrive. Raising awareness and promoting adoptions for these wild horses and burros is costly. Every bit helps! Thank you!

News & Information


Sky Valencia of St. Martin’s Animal Foundation

“When we passionately fight for the freedom of these beautiful wild horses and burros, we are fighting for our freedom too. Let FREEDOM RING!”

Executive Director for the Saint Martin’s Animal Foundation, creator of Veganized with Sky and Letha, and creator of Goldie’s Organic Dog Treats. Vegan pioneer, producer, and artist.

Fia Perera – Animal Activist, Writer / Director

“This planet is in desperate need of transformation and action taken for the defenseless animals”.

Fia has over 20 years working with NGO’s on various Campaigns to stop the Canadian seal, fighting the dog meat trade with No To Dog Meat stopping poaching in Africa with VETPAW. Fia has rescued over 70 farm animals and as a proud mother to 2 rescue horses is committed to helping end the BLM’s crusade to exterminate the last Wild Mustangs in this country.

Randal Massaro – Activist

“Fight as if their lives depend on it because it does. Stop the wild horse and burro round ups. Stop the slaughter.”

Old fashioned, a man of integrity, Randal started out from humble beginnings, worked various jobs, retired from law enforcement, but concerned about the environment and wildlife. He joined and became a Greenpeace rep, later become an actor and the National President of Union Members for the preservation of wildlife international.

Lori Alan – Voice Actor

Lori Alan is an active member of Our Planet Theirs Too, which established National Animal Rights Day (NARD)
NARD’s global events exist to commemorate the billions of animals who die every year by human hands, educate the public about the cruelty free plant-based alternatives and celebrate the progress that is being made towards ending the suffering of animals.

Sheena Gao – Musician & Activist

Sheena is a violinist, fashion designer, stylist, video producer, and a vegan world traveler. She is the founder of Facebook group Mercy for Chinese Dogs where she educates the world on Asian dog meat trade, promotes animal rights, global unitys and humanity. Sheena has also been working on animal rescue with domestic and international groups such as Animal Hope And Wellness Foundation, China Doll Rescue, Vanderpump Dogs Foundation, St. Martins Animal Foundation, ping an a fu, 812 Loyal Dog Rescue house, and Sheep Heal Project.

Lindsey Baker – Host/Producer

“None of us will be free until all are free. What hurts one hurts all. We are all connected.”

Action Hour TV – Jane Unchained News Network – SM Influencer /content creator – Rizzle.tv/u/lindseybaker

Lindsey became an vegan/activist 7 years ago when she returned to Los Angeles. She began a new career as an artist/performer for social change and conservation.

Tina Wooten – Activist

Billy McNamara – Actor

Shaurica Clark of Celestial Sister Boutique

Jennifer – Activist