Thank you for donating to our non-profit 501 c3 charity. We rely on donations to continue educating our youth about anti-bullying, environmental and health issues, and kindness towards animals through music, art, and hands-on interaction with our garden and rescues. We are also dedicated to saving the lives of neglected and mistreated animals. Here are a few links that you can donate through.

Donate by Check

St. Martin's Animal Foundation

8860 Corbin ave #245

Northridge CA 91423

Fund Use

Environmental & Humane Education

Vegan Outreach

Eco-Friendly Structures

Repairs of the Learning Center and Sanctuary

Medical Care and Training of Homeless Animals

Organic Gardening

Anti Dog Meat Outreach

You can donate your used car, truck, boat, RV or motorbike to help us with operations and care for injured animals. You can email Sky Valencia at stmartinsrescueranch @

Large Donations

If you would like to donate a substantial amount toward our eco-sanctuary or learning center, please contact Sky Valencia.