Welcome to the Pit Bull Princess Diaries!

St. Martins Animal Foundation was founded by Sky Valencia, a.k.a Pit Bull Princess, in 1999. Her mission is based on humane education, ending pit bull violence, and finding injustice for all neglected dogs. She focuses on working against illegal dog fighting, and she promotes spay and neutering efforts as well as rescues pregnant mothers and pups out of high kill animal shelters.

Sky’s mission right now is to open a beautiful sanctuary/learning center in Southern California by early 2018.

Many pit bulls and other breeds were misplaced in 2017 due to the California wildfires. Even more dogs, pit bulls in particular, were rescued from gangsters, drug dealers, breeders and other abusive situations. Most of these dogs are now seniors and need a permanent place to retire.

Recently many of these pit bulls were moved to a temporary facility in Utah, but sadly the rescue ranch is going to be lost to the bank because the owner is filing for bankruptcy.

This is an urgent matter for these dogs. We need your help today to move these dogs to another facility in Utah until we can raise donations for our permanent haven in California.

Please consider our organization for a donation toward greatly needed dog runs and an exercise area. Please support these dogs, so they can have a beautiful holiday season too. Thank you!

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